I’m often asked the question “Why did you become a Podiatrist?”. When I was 11 years old I had pain in my heels which was excruciating. It affected my ability to run and participate in sport at school. My mum took me to 3 orthopaedic specialists who couldn’t find the problem. The last one referred me to a psychologist. Finally someone suggested to my mum to take me to a Podiatrist in West Perth. Dr Woodhead diagnosed my pain immediately as a growing related disturbance of my growth plate in my heels called “Sever’s disease”. After 2 weeks of wearing orthoses I was fully pain free and back attending all sport activities. I still remember the relief both physically and emotionally when my pain was diagnosed and addressed. And from that point, I decided that I would become a Podiatrist! 

Other junior complaints I regularly see are knee pain and growing pains. I often see children whose parents are concerned about toe walking. Tiptoe walking is quite normal in young children up to 3 years of age, however if the calf muscles are tight pain free laser therapy can improve this quite quickly.  We are learning more about toe walking all the time.

 I am also happy to discuss the development of your child, and give advice on footwear.

I understand that children would rather play than not play, so when they complain of pain, I listen.  I find children respond well to the Vibrocussor and low level laser. I do however use generic or custom orthoses if necessary. If treated promptly, children recover very quickly.